Sunday, 25 April 2010

Langenhoe , Essex

Langenhoe church was demolished in 1963, but earlier in the century was said to be haunted by a young woman. A vicar in the 1930s reported much paranormal activity and thought he once heard a female voice say 'you're a cruel man' or something to that effect. Perhaps this was the voice of Arabella Waldergrave, who legend tells us was murdered by one of the vicars ecclesiastical predecessors. Perhaps the woman had been made pregnant by the earlier vicar and killed, but history is vague on the matter. Something odd was happening there and some said that the church was demolished because of these continued paranormal disturbances and not the official version that it was structurally unsafe. By all accounts the church was most likely a little wobbly, having been one of the many hundreds of buildings damaged in the 1884 earthquake, but someone close to the project at the time did comment that is wasn't so bad as to have been dangerous.
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