Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hangmans Cottage Dorchester

Hangmans Cottage, Dorchester

As the name suggests, this cottage was at one time home to the town's executioner. I is not far from several other interesting sites of interest, including the gaol, execution site and many haunted buildings. Dorchester has many things to interest the paranormal enthusiast.  

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Yes, I know; there is a joke somewhere about there being cream for that. It was a frequent comment when I worked in insurance before the days of a 'paperless office'. That never really did happen, but its safe to say that not since I was working through archives of files all those years ago did I have such a case of piles as I do now. Today, however, the piles are not miscellaneous data on form after form, but scribbled notes from conversations had and old photos inherited from my Grandfathers own research. I have a box full of images taken in the 1970s and 1980s which I am slowly sharing to my Flickr account, but which I also need to identify and find information about. Sadly some of the houses, windmills and dovecots photographed have since been lost, but many have been restored and are on my list of places to visit and re-photograph. I have many notes to write up, which all need additional research and my biggest problem now is knowing where to start. I work full time from home, which you would think would offer me some opportunity to get these things slipped into my day; it does not. If anything, now I am self employed I have less time off for writing than when I worked 9 - 5 with a 'proper job'. Still, I hope to work through a little bit at a time and eventually get these piles under control.....