Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Co-op, Cottenham

Cottenham, Cambridgeshire

An older aquaintance of mine was born in a house opposite the old co-op shop, seen here as it was at the time. (It has now been replaced with a hideous piece of modern shop architecture - but is still a co-op) In his time it had always been the co-op, but previously it was a Nunnery. The upstairs was divided into separate sleeping cubicles by wooden partitions. A relation of his was the manager of the shop and lived above the shop. When this relation got older ( the villagers have a reputation for thriftiness still!) he sawed up the partitions to burn on his fire, so sadly were lost. However a nun has been seen on several occassions by several people (including my aquaintance) in the vicinity of the building and walking infront of the modern co-op.


The Mennock Hills and Weasel Funerals....

The Mennock Hills and its Weasel Funerals

In the 1930s legend has it that a night watchman at the smelt mills of Wanlockhead watched several weasels remove a dead weasel and carry it off. Intrigued, he investigated with another local and they found the body of the freshly buried weasel and along side it the 'graves' of several other weasels. Some already skeletal. The removal of a dead weasel has been seen in more recent times by a driver on the Mennock Pass. he noticed a 'road kill' weasel being carried off by other weasels. It was only talking about it afterwards that he was told the story of the 1930s incident....