Haunted Hotels and Guest Houses

For anyone wanting to holiday in a haunted house, the UK offers a range of places, complete with their own stories to tell. These are just a few of the places we've come across in our travels.


The George and Dragon Hotel - West Wycombe - The ghost here is that of a white lady, thought to be a servant girl named Sukie. There are also sounds of heavy footsteps and some poltergeist activity.


The Old Ferryboat Inn - Holywell - Haunted by the ghost of a girl named Juliet, who committed suicide on the site before the building was constructed. Her grave is now in the middle of the bar area.


The Lord Halden Hotel - Dunchideok - Haunted by a servant girl, said to have been murdered by Lord Halden after she became pregnant by him.

The Royal Castle Hotel - Dartmouth - Haunted by several apparitions, including two men fighting in the courtyard, the sound of a horse drawn carriage, a female form and poltergeist activity in room 22.


The Crown Hotel - Poole - The sounds of children, a threatening distorted voice and a disappearing man are just some of the curious happenings here.

Grosvenor Hotel - Shaftsbury - A building once associated with monks, the ghosts here appear to be of that time including a cowled figure and a grey lady thought to be a former abbess.


The Thorn Hotel - Misley - A Grey Lady has been reported here as well as a hooded figure.

East Sussex

The Mermaid Inn - Rye - A spectral sword fight between smugglers has been witnessed here.


The White Hart Hotel - Andover - Haunted by a green lady and the sound of repeated, unexplained knocking.


Pengethley Manor - Ross on Wye - haunted by the ghost of a girl affectionately known as 'Harriet'


Eastwell Manor Hotel - Ashford - Over the years staff here have reported a number of apparitions including noises and a spectral white lady.


The Prestbury House Hotel - Cheltenham - Haunted by a girl in the garden and by men from the time of the Civil War.


Georgian House Hotel - SW1V - The ghosts of children have been seen playing on the top floor and the ghost of a man has been reported at various places within the hotel.

The Langham Hilton - W1N - There are several ghosts here including one thought to be a German who threw himself from a balcony before the First World war.


The Falcon Hotel - Castle Ashby - Haunted by a man named Arthur who dates to the Civil War

Shipman's Public House - Northampton - It is thought that noises and poltergeist activity here may be associated with the suicide of a former manager over 100 years ago.

Wig and Pen Public House - Northampton - Poltergeist activity has been reported here several times.


The Angel Posting House - Guildford - a man in military uniform has been seen here on several occassions


Rossington Hall - the ghost of a man in Victorian dress has been seen in the stables here.